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OFAC De-listing

With a vast experience, we focus on the intersection of international trade compliance, international commerce, and transactional law to offer you best service. Office of Foreign Assets Control imposes sanctions time to time which involves compound and dynamic set of laws, regulations and foreign policy developments. Besides, they have a vigorous list of persons and countries of interest. Any individual, organization, or foreign entity which becomes a real or perceived threat to national security, U.S. foreign policy, or U.S. economic policy can be sanctioned by OFAC.
When dealing in international business issues and fund transfers, any company must be aware of, anticipate, and be in constant compliance with all OFAC laws and regulations. Staying well-informed of shifting policies may be a challenge, but OFAC lawyers at Scott Advocates can provide professional counselling to help with specific licensing, issues with current foreign activities, and other legal needs.
Scott Advocates offers the best defending lawyers for cases concerning economic sanctions, trade embargoes, and export control issues. Our team has the most professional and experienced defence lawyers who have worked upon the OFAC Sanctions and related cases as attorneys. Scott Advocates brings years of experience focusing on the sanctions law experience to the markets in the Middle East and Afghanistan.
Scott Advocates focuses on counseling clients with regards to sanctions compliance, OFAC licensing, SDN-list removals, export controls, government investigations, and anti-money laundering regulations. At Scott Advocates we handle cases concerning OFAC licenses, compliance programs, due diligence, sanction screening, unblocking applications, voluntary self-disclosures, OFAC administrative subpoenas, and sanctions-related criminal defense matters.

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At Scott Advocates, our professionals has good relations with the Chamber Of Commerce Offices of the Countries located in the Middle East. In our experience we consulted with multinational corporations, trade associations, U.S. Government Officials and congress persons.

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